2021 Map Contest

2021 GIS Certification Institute Map Contest

2021 Contest Entrants:

Professional Category:


Koneya, Mele                                          Preserving the McDowell Mountains                       1st Place

Routman, Emily                                        Impacts of Urban Renewal, Richmond, VA             2nd Place

Ghaly, El Gazzar, Mai                             Alexandria                                                                                   3rd Place


Abasi, Prescilla Mbama                         Visualizing Ghana's 2020 Election (Skirt & Blouse Voting)

Ayers, Nathaniel                                        Changes in the Population of the United States, 1790-2010

De Innocentis, Nicola                             Versailles - Le Chateau

Edelson, Mike                                             Reflection of the Big Dipper - A Jackson Pollock Survey

Fernandes, Caio                                        Roman Province of Hispania 125 AD                   

Ghaly, El Gazzar, Mai                              Alexandria

Jewett, Ryan                                               Messner's Seven Summits

Johnson, Bobbi                                         Concerned About Side Effects              

Koneya, Mele                                            Preserving the McDowell Mountains

Li, Wenliang                                                Building Energy Consumption of Manattan, NYC

Martin, YoLani                                            Bon Appetite

Monk, Vernika                                            Steepness, Elevation, Distance:  Archeological Sites in the UK

Navarro, Judith                                          Eastern Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

Routman, Emily                                          Impacts of Urban Renewal, Richmond, VA

Seidel, Michael                                           And the Rains Came Tumbling Down

Wismer, Dan                                               Caribou Habitat Disturbance, Little Smoky, AB

Witt, David                                                  Remote Sensing of Chacoan Roads in the Middle San Juan Region

Student Category:


Andrew, Odell                                           Kiching Tourism Map                                                                                                     1st Place

Benitez, Ashley G.                                   A Year of Decisions:  COVID-19 & Executive Orders in CT                   2nd Place

Cheng, Yixue (Anna)                              Dark Sky: A Map of Dark Skyk Places & Large Cities                                3rd Place


Abbasi, Romaisa                                        Pakistan's Drainage Network

Abdullah, Ismail Izzani                           Best Trails in Negeri, Sembilan, Malaysia

Adams, Aaron                                              A Cartographic Cross Classification Array of COVID 19 Cases in CT

Ahlam, Shafika                                            Best Trails in Negeri, Sembilan, Malaysia

Akkari, Douha                                             Groundwater Potential Zonation

Andrew, Odell                                            Kuching Tourism Map

Baub, Jan Luca                                            COVID-19   The Great Equalizer?

Benitez, Ashley G.                                     A Year of Decisions:  COVID-29 & Executive Orders in CT

Cheng, Yixue (Anna)                                Dark Sky:  A Map of Dark Sky Places & Large Cities

Cooper, Jordan                                          SVM Classification of Surface Ruptures From 7.1 Mw Earthquake, Ridgecrest, CA

Hasan, Nazmull                                         The Spatio-Temporal Change of the South Bank Erosion & Accretion of Meghna River, Bangladesh

Huskey, Amanda                                        Washington Park Improvements

Ishaq, Nur Syahirah                                 Georgetown Street Food Map

Mahadi, Zulfadli                                         Air Traffic Flight Line in Sarawak

McDaniel, Emily                                         Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in the US (2015-2021)

Mujtabe, Abdullah Al                             Dialects Bring Together

Singh, Ankit                                                  Darma-Byans Landscape, Uttarakhand

Wheat, Austin                                            Garden of the B's

Yulianto, Evin                                              Refreshing in Four Elements - Distribution of Tourism Spots in the Kudus District

Yuni, Sari                                                        Austraila's Cattle & Beef Industry - 2014-2015

Zhao, Qiao                                                    Commuting in Montreal


2021 Submissions Closed!


GISCI hosts an annual map competition inviting members of the GIS community to submit and share a map of their creation.

The subject matter, style, and choice of platform/tools are entirely up to you. Showcase your cartographic creativity!

Who can enterWe welcome everyone from the GIS community to participate from students to seasoned professionals. We are offering two contest divisions, one for students (undergraduate and graduate) and one for professionals. Those on the judging team for the contest cannot enter.

Map specifications for entries

  • Use of any software is allowed to create your map with the exception of online map portals such as Google Maps or Bing Maps, due to copyright and permission restrictions.
  • File size cannot exceed 16 mb. 
  • Map submissions should be in PDF format, with a minimum size of 11”x17” and maximum size of 36"x48" (Architectural E).
  • All entries will need to submit FGDC compliant metadata in either an html or text format. The metadata should include what software products were used, full metadata for all data sources, and a brief description of the methodology that was used to create the map.

Prizes: There are TWO competitions, one for students and one for professionals. Both offer the same prizes:

  • 1st Place:  $250

  • 2nd Place: $150

  • 3rd Place:  $100

Additionally, each award winner will have fees waived related to their GISP certification!

  • First-time GISP applicants: your initial application fee and portfolio review fee will be waived when submitted (a $200 value)
  • Current GISPs: your renewal fees will be wavied at your next recertification date (a $285 value)

And don't forget that your map submission for the contest qualifies for points under the Contribution to the Profession category in your GISP Portfolio!

Maps produced for the contest do not need to be produced with any particular software, but do note that for those who use Esri products and place 1st-3rd, their maps will be entered and displayed at the Esri User Conference. 

Entry DeadlineSubmission is open through April 30, 2021.  Only one entry per contestant will be accepted. 

Judging Criteria: The GISCI Outreach Committee will determine the top 3 in each contest. Each of the following elements will be weighted the same with a maximum score of 5 points awarded per element:

  • Accuracy - grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Design/Layout - logical organization and visual flow of text and graphics
  • Legibility - text font, text size, figures, tables, and graphics
  • Visual Appeal - color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, use of symbology
  • Effective communication - understandable and concise
  • Effective use of Geographic Information - appropriate use and portrayal of spatial data
  • Originality - unique presentation

Map Contest Rules:

  • Only one entry is allowed per person.
  • Maps and Winner’s names will be published on the GISCI website.
  • Winners will be required to provide a release to use their map image.

Ready to Enter? Use the 2021 GISCI Map Contest Submission Form

Check out previous competition winners!

2020 GISCI Map Competition Winner: Louis Hill - "Change is the Only Constant"