Invitation to Participate in GISCI's Exam Development
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GISCI is inviting all certified GIS Professionals (GISPs) to contribute to its exam. The development of an exam component of the GISP certification process will rely on the knowledge of GIS professionals, as did the original development of the portfolio-based certification.

For the exam development project, GISCI is seeking participation from active GIS professionals from all GIS sectors, job categories, and professional levels. As a GIS professional, you will provide valuable and unique information regarding the tasks you perform in your jobs and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform them.

The exam development project will include a variety of GIS professional-centered activities. These include:

 Exam development online web conference meetings. These activities will include team discussions as well as independent review. They are tentatively scheduled for September 2013, and will require 2-4 days per participant. Most of the meetings will be 3-4 hour periods, with one longer meeting.

 Contribution to exam development via online survey. The survey is tentatively scheduled for October-November 2013 and will require about 2 hours of time.

 Exam development workshops. The workshops will be on-site meetings involving instruction, independent activity, and group discussion. They are tentatively scheduled for the first half of 2014. One workshop will be a 3 day event; the other will be a 1 day event.

 Pilot exam. The pilot exam is tentatively scheduled for spring 2014 and will be provided at multiple testing centers. It will require about 4 hours.

The key qualifications for participation are:

 GISP certification

 Currently in a GIS professional position

 An enthusiasm for working with your colleagues on this important development

In addition to being part of a milestone event in the development of the GIS profession, participants will earn contribution points for their GISP recertification.

Please complete the invitation reply at by August 2, 2013. The invitation and reply are also available at

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Somers, the Exam Development Project Manager at or 703-204-0033.


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