2020 Map Contest

This year, we are once again giving contestants the opportunity to create a GISP contest map!

The topic and style are up to you!


2020 Map Contest Winners


1st Place            Louis Hill                  Change Is The Only Constant

2nd Place          Aaron Koelker       The US of PBJ

3rd Place           Sybil Coffey             Liquefaction Hazards


People's Choice   Aly D. Ollivierre -  Brother Ebony - Calypso Cartography


Open for voting through June - Send email to bhodge@gisci.org        1 vote/person


2020 Map Contest Entries


Sybil  Coffey                     Liquefaction Hazards, Alameda, County, CA

Francis Evanisko            Proposed Zoning Changes With Transit Oriented Communities, N. Hollywood, CA

Louis Hill                            Change is the Only Constant - 15 Years of Land Cover Change in the Contiguous US (2001-2016)

Bobbi Johnson                US Counties by Growth Rate

Rhiannon Kilian              Monuments of Fotus

Aaron Koelker           The US of PBJ - Growing Regions for Ingredients of America's Favorite Sandwich

Aly D. Ollivierre          Brother Ebony - Calypso Cartography

Solai Raja                  The Wars of USA

Emily McRae             Albuquerque Child Care Shortage

Naramatha Murugan  Location Map of Past & Futurre Olympic Games

Wendan Zhang          Eastrn US Coal Power Plants CO2 Emission Rate (2018)




Who may enter: Eligibility is open to all except the judging team.


Submission Time Frame:  Submission is open through the end of April 2020.  Only one entry per contestant will be accepted.



1st $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $100, People’s Choice $250 and Honorable Mentions


Each winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and People’s Choice) will also have their initial certification fee waived if the application is submitted within one year of the date the winners are announced. Current GISPs will have their renewal fees waived at their next recertification date.

Map submittal earns / qualifies for 1 point under the Contribution to the Profession category for first-time GISP applicants.

The top three entries will be entered and displayed in the Esri 2020 UC in San Diego.


Map Contest Rules:

Only one entry is allowed per person.

Use of any software is allowed to create image with the exception of online map portals such as

Google Maps or Bing Maps, due to copyright and permission restrictions.

Maps produced for the contest need not be produced with any particular software.   However, for those potential winners who would like to have their maps given highest consideration the Esri UC, we recommend the use of Esri ArcGIS products, as Esri is partial to maps produced on their platform.

Winner’s names will be published on the GISCI website.

Winners will be required to provide a release to use their map image.

All entries will need to submit metadata in a FGDC compliant format in either an html or text format.

The metadata shall include what software products were used, full metadata for all data sources, and a brief description

of the methodology that was used to create the map.


Map Specifications:

Format - PDF

Map Size – 11” x 17”

Image File Size Limit – no greater than 5mb



Judging Criteria:

The Outreach Committee will determine the Top 3.

All maps will be open to on-line People's Choice voting. (one vote/person)


Criteria Elements:

Each element will be weighted the same with a maximum number of 5 points per element


    Accuracy - grammar, punctuation, spelling

    Design/Layout - logical organization and visual flow of text and graphics

    Legibility - text font, text size, figures, tables, and graphics

    Visual Appeal - color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, use of symbology

    Effective communication - understandable and concise

    Effective use of Geographic Information - appropriate use and portrayal of spatial data

    Originality - unique presentation


2020 Map Submission Form (download here)


 Submit map files and submission form to bhodge@gisci.org and use 'Map Contest 2020' in the subject line.