GISP: The Definitive Standard

GISP Certification is the standard of excellence in the geospatial profession. With the GISP geospatial professionals demonstrate their experience, knowledge and commitment to working with GIS at the highest levels on all projects.

Why Get Certified:

If you are working in any geospatial related field, your have an opportunity to up your game and be recognized with the GISP.

With the GISP you can excel in an in-demand career that plays an important role in many industries and helps improve the planet.

Earning your GISP sends a clear message that you are committed to excellence in GIS and to upholding a code of ethics.

Employers across a wide range of industries week out those that have met the rigorous standards - experience, examination, portfolio and ethical requirements - to become a GISP. No credential in the geospatial field is held to a higher esteem and brings greater rewards.

Get certified and make the best career decision you'll ever make, start your GISP journey.

Benefits of becoming a GISP


Earn a credential that is recognized worldwide


The GISP is in demand by employers and required for many projects


Set yourself apart in any industry through your mastery of GIS

How to Become a GISP

Get started on your journey to becoming a Geographic Informational Systems Professional (GISP) today!

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  • Second Year
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  • Third Year
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  • Recertification
    $285 for
    3 Years