gisci endorsing organizations

The GISCI Endorsing Organization Designation is given to organizations that are deemed to be supportive of GIS Professionals and the GISP Certification process by way of internal activities, programs and policies verified by an HR representative. It represents not only a commitment to the GIS Profession and the GISP Certification for staff but also to the professional competence, ethics and ideals promoted by the GISCI.

The following organizations have indicated they support their employees and the GISP Program.  As such, the GIS Certification Institute recognizes them as GISCI Endorsing Organizations.


City of Galveston, Texas




Cloudpoint Geospatial

Highlands County, Florida

Remington & Vernick Engineers
Tukuh Technologies Clay County, MN GIS City of Coral Gables WGI Geospatial Division Town of Prosper
City of Wheaton, IL Five Points Energy
JMT Technology Group