Professional Requirements

To recertify, you must fulfill certain professional requirements.

You must also upload a new Ethics Statement.



As the GIS Code of Ethics states, GIS Professionals have an obligation to not only be qualified for the tasks accepted, but also to stay current in the field through readings and professional development. To ensure the proper levels of continuing education, applicants for recertification must show a total of 24 achievement points over the previous three years as broken down in the table below:

points minimum


GIS professionals will earn 1 Educational point for every 6 professional development hours. Points can also be obtained through online and instructor-led courses, webinars, and other types of training.

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points minimum

Contributions to
the Profession

An active professional is capable of attaining a minimum of two Contributions points per year during the three-year renewal period. Points are earned according to the activity values, and approved routes include membership in professional organizations (local, state, regional, national or international), volunteer work, and presentations at conferences.

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points optional
(No minimum requirement)

Work Experience

You are allowed to use work experience as part of the number of points needed to obtain renewal certification. 6 points are awarded for each 12 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) work, up to 2 years credit for recertification.

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points minimum

Additional points in
any category

Supplemental points represent activities in excess of the minimums for each section (Education, Experience, and Contributions). The portfolio automatically applies all surplus points in each category to the supplemental point category. Supplemental points accumulate in each of the three categories; the applicant may earn them from just one category or all three.

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points total

Minimum Point Requirement

Why do I see 150 points necessary in the Points Calculator?

If you see 150 points necessary in the Points Calculator, you are using a first-time application profile not connected to your GISP Certification.

How long until my certificate is available?

Digital certificates are sent shortly after approval. A print copy may be requested after approval.

How many points are needed for the recertification?

An online recertification will show 24 points needed in the Points Calculator; this assures that your profile is connected to your GISP Certification.

What is the 1 year grace period?

The one year grace period allows for recertification without penalty within that time. You are still responsible for annual maintenance during your grace period.

How long does the approval process take?

Recertifications are generally approved within 30 to 45 days of submittal.

Do active GISPs have to take the new exam?

No active GISPs will have to take the new Exam for recertification. As long as you are in good standing and recertify within the one-year grace period allowed, you will not have to take the Exam.

What are the recertification fees?

All professionals with an active GISP certification will recertify for a three-year period on the expiration date and will pay an annual maintenance fee of $95 for each of the three years of the recertification period. Recertifying GISPs may choose to make a single payment of $285 for the three-year period.