Conference attendance points are a result of the number of total days that the applicant has spent at meetings and conferences sponsored by professional societies and regional and local user groups. Applicants who claim Conference Attendance Points should enter them into the on-line application and place the name of the conference, the year, the host organization, the location and the number of days attended.

Conference Attendance Points are determined by the number of days and not hours spent at each event. Therefore, the number of days attended should always result in a whole number.

Note: Conference Attendance claims do not need documentation. Although not mandatory, applicants are advised to submit proper documentation for all point claims, as undocumented claims will be scrutinized to a higher degree. GISCI will conduct accuracy checks on certain applications to determine if undocumented claims are factual. If a claim is found to be incorrect or misstated the application will be rejected and a processing fee will be charged to the applicant.