GISCI Endorsing Employer Designation Program

GISCI Endorsing Employer

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) has created the GISCI Endorsing Employer Designation Program to help increase the value of GISP Certification for our primary stakeholders, and to help facilitate the growth of the GISP Program within the geospatial community. The GISCI will grant the GISCI Endorsing Employer Designation to organizations that meet the criteria established by the GISCI as supportive of GIS Professionals and the GISP Certification process by way of internal activities, programs, and policies. The designation is not only a commitment to GISP Certification for staff, but also to upholding the ideals of the GIS Certification Institute.

The GISCI Endorsing Employer Designation is available to all organizations (public, private/commercial) with exception of GISCI member organizations. Organizations seeking the designation must submit a formal application listing the criteria met as verified by the organization’s HR representative. A review committee will evaluate each application and if the organization meets the criteria, the committee will forward the application to the GISCI Board of Directors for approval. Each approved GISCI Endorsing Employer will last for three (3) years, provide the organization with permission to display their organization logo on our website and provide permission to display the GISCI Endorsing Employer designation on their website. There is no cost to obtain this designation.  A list of GISCI designated Endorsing Employers can be found here.  


For an organization to receive the GISCI Endorsement Designation they must meet a minimum set of requirements as well as some (but not necessarily all) of the optional requirements. All organizations must meet the following industry-standard criteria:

  1. Encourage or require all GIS staff to have or obtain GISP certification during employment with the organization.
  2. Pay for initial GISP certification fees for candidates.
  3. Pay for ongoing GISP recertification fees for candidates.

In addition, organizations are strongly encouraged to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Pay for ongoing specialized training.
  2. Pay for GIS-related continuing education courses.
  3. Tie compensation to GISP Certification (e.g., bonus, raises)
  4. Promotion criteria includes required GISP Certification
  5. Provide support for ongoing activities to maintain certification (e.g., conference attendance and presentations, membership in professional societies)
  6. As an organization, strive to meet the ethical standards of the GIS Certification Institute and support their GISPs in meeting those standards


If an organization wishes to apply for the GISCI Endorsement Designation, please send an email to Tony Spicci, GISCI Executive Director, at requesting the designation. The application should include the following:

  • A cover letter on the organization's letterhead requesting the designation.  The cover letter should include a primary contact who serves as the organization's GIS Director.  
  • A description on how the organization will adhere to the minimum qualifications and required criteria along with a summary of how the organization either currently meets or plans to meet one or more of the additional criteria.  Please see an example document here.
  • An indication of support (signature) from the organization's GIS Director, HR representative and the GIS Director's supervising unit.

If the organization meets the qualifications and the review Committee approves the request, the GISCI will reach out for additional information to complete the process.  The GISCI will also schedule a 30 minute call to discuss the application.  There is no cost to obtain this designation.