This GISCI is a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) participant in the O*NET Data Collection Program

Geographic Information Systems Professional® (GISP) Certification can help you identify GIS professionals who are committed to skilled and ethical application of geographic information systems. GISPs have met standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as established by GISCI. GISPs have a unique set of skills and responsibilities that can enhance your workforce.


Employer Resources

What is a GISP?
Read how the GISP credential mark signifies minimum standards for educational achievement, professional experience, contributions to the profession, ethics, and continued commitment through recertification.

Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits
GISP and non-GISP salaries are compared. The salary information was taken from the 2011 and 2017 URISA Salary Surveys for IT/GIS Professionals.

Verify GISP Status
Search the manifest of GISPs. If a GISP cannot be found. Please contact GISCI HQ (847-824-7768 / for final determination.

Ethical Requirements of GISPs
Are the GISPs on your staff adhering to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct for GIS Professionals? Proper ethical behavior limits risk and reduces costs to your organization.

Support your GISPs by reading this short guide.

Acknowledge GISPs with a sample press release.

Employer recognition for GISPs
See how other employers and organizations recognize their GISPs.