The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam is vendor and software-agnostic, based upon a job analysis of a four-year experience level, informed by the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, guided by the Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM), and centered upon ten key Knowledge Categories. Each section with its example questions and resources is designed to provide the candidate with the resources necessary to learn the associated skills through their own efforts. Everyone is therefore encouraged to determine her/his own best method of learning, whether by individual study, group study, reading textbooks, or taking appropriate courses, as required.

Our recommended pathway requires that the individual:

1. Determine the candidate’s GISP Knowledge level. 

2. Separate the identified weak knowledge areas from the stronger ones. 

3. Start an appropriate study program to strengthen each weak area before moving on to the stronger


The guide is the 2nd in a three-part preparation series of what the GISP is and how it can be obtained. Please note that GISCI is not a teaching organization, and the materials provided, in and of themselves, are not intended or provided to teach GIS. They serve  as a resource base for the candidate to use as a launching pad for his/her own learning pathway to approach the GISP Exam, using  the terms and concepts illustrated. 

If you have reached this point in reading, it is assumed that you have already read the second document in the series, the Pathways  to GISP Certification and carefully reviewed the section To Prepare for the  Examfrom the GISCI web site.

It is STRONGLY recommended that an individual have taken two actions before starting through the Exam Study Guide. 

1. Reviewed and completed the Personal Assessment Survey found on the GeoTech Center web site. 

2. Take the online Practice Exam and have that first take score and Practice Exam Performance Report in hand before moving to this phase of exam preparation. 

The Practice Exam Performance Score & Report (taken without prior study) will show both strengths and weaknesses in a  candidate’s GIS skills, provide a reasonable analysis of a Candidate’s GISP Knowledge GP, and it will provide the best route to  how to strengthen the weaker skills needing attention.