GISCI Retired (GISP-R) Designation

The GISCI Retired Designation allows current GISP’s to maintain their certification in a limited capacity upon retirement from the workforce and a paid position as a GIS Professional. This designation would not require adherence to the criteria for standard recertification and allow retired GIS Professionals to continue their involvement in the GIS Profession in a voluntary, un-paid capacity. This would include voluntary activities in the local community, academics, participation in conferences, participation in professional organizations, committee, or board positions (if un-paid) and articles in professional journals.

The GISP Retired Designation is not triggered automatically but rather must be requested and reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director.

A person who receives the GISP-R designation may:

  • Be employed in a field or industry (either full or part time) in a role NOT related to a GIS professional in any capacity.
  • Be reinstated as a GISP without penalty within one year of receiving the designation. Afterwards the standard recertification requirements apply including fees and will require successful completion of the GISP Exam.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have been an active GISP in good standing for a minimum of 3 (inclusive) consecutive recertification cycles (9 years).
  • Must not be employed as a GIS professional.

Required Criteria

  • Activities of a GISP-R are limited to those which use their GIS professional skills in voluntary or charitable role (reviewed by Executive Director).
  • Signed ethics statement.
  • Fee $50 (Initial 3-year period and each 3-year renewal with a 6-month grace period)

Desired Criteria

  • Membership in at least one other GIS-related professional organization.


If you wish to become a GISP-R, please send an email to Tony Spicci, GISCI Executive Director at  requesting the designation.  Your application should include a cover letter requesting the designation and your adherence to the minimum qualifications and required criteria along with a signed ethics statement.  If you meet the qualifications and your request is approved, you will be sent payment information to complete the process.