2017 Map Contest

This year, the theme is disaster response. The challenge is to develop a map which shows us how GIS could be, or has been used in a disaster

response scenario, either real or imagined. Maps could show disaster preparation; use of GIS during a disaster to manage emergencies, people,

supplies, etc.; or use of GIS during post-disaster recovery efforts.

2017 Map Contest Winners:

1st Place - Louis Hill - Piner Tornado

2nd Place - Hildemar Cruz - FEMA Maps

3rd Place - Ross McLeod - Flood Damage

Peoples' Choice - Eric O'Neil - Mobile Valve Isolation

Congratulations to all our 2017 Map Contest entrants and winners!

2017 Entries:

Allen, Phillip -  Pisgah Forest

Aminu, Abubakar -  Disaster Response

Brennan, John -  Evacuation

Butterfield, Evan - Mitigation Zone Determination

Cruz, Hildemar -  FEMA Maps

Gibb, Matthew -  Tiburon Peninsula

Hill, Louis -  Piner Tornado

Irorere, Dennis -  Urban Flooding

Mann, David -  Mapastrophe

McLeod, Ross -  Flood Damage

O'Neal, Eric -  Mobile Valve Isolation

Roust, Amy - Temporary Debris

Rust, Tina - Texas EGRT Sunnyvale

Sapletal, Joe -  Disaster Response



Who may enter: Eligibility is open to all; the judging team excluded.

 Submission Time Frame: January 1 to February 28, 2017 – Log onto the GISCI online portal to post files and the required submission form.


·         1st $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $100, People’s Choice $250 and Honorable Mentions.

·         Each winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and People’s Choice) will also have their initial application and portfolio review fees waived if the application is submitted within one year of the date the winners are announced.  Current GISPs will have their renewal fees waived at their next recertification date. This does not include examination fees.

·         Map submittal earns / qualifies for 1 point under the Contribution to the Profession category.

·         The top three maps are automatically entered into the 2017 ESRI Annual Users Conference Map Gallery.     

Map Contest Rules:

·         Only one entry is allowed per person.

·         Use of any software is allowed to create image with the exception of online map portals such as Google Maps or Bing Maps due to copyright and permission restrictions.

·         Winner’s names will be published on the GISCI website.

·         Winners will be required to provide a release to use their map image.

·         All entries will need to submit metadata in a FGDC compliant format in either an html or text format. The metadata shall include what software products were used, full metadata for all data sources, and a brief description of the methodology that was used to create the map. Entries without metadata will be disqualified.       

Map Specifications

            Format - PDF

            Map Size – 11” x 17”

            Image File Size Limit – no greater than 5mb

Judging Criteria:

The Outreach Committee will determine the Top 3. In addition the Top 12 will be open to on-line voting where the public will select the People’s Choice.

        Criteria Elements

Each element will be weighted the same with a maximum number of 5 points per elemen 

            Accuracy - grammar, punctuation, spelling

            Design/Layout - logical organization and visual flow of text and graphics                   

            Legibility - text font, text size, figures, tables, and graphics

            Visual Appeal - color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, use of symbology               

            Effective communication - understandable and concise 

            Effective use of Geographic Information - appropriate use and portrayal of spatial data

            Originality - unique presentation

Send entries as an email attachment to:    Use Map Contest 2016 in the subject line and attach Submission Form (below).

2017 Map Contest Submission Form (download here)