Credential Points


Credential (Degree) Points - (EDU-1)

Applicants may claim credential points equal to the value of the highest degree or certificate earned. For example:

  • An applicant who has earned an Associates degree and a Bachelor’s degree may claim 20 points (the value of a Bachelor’s degree).  With dual degrees, credential points may be claimed for one while the others may only be used for Course Points (see below).

  • An applicant who has earned no formal degrees, but who has earned a GIS Certificate, may claim 5 points.

  • An Applicant who has earned degrees from non-U.S. institutions may claim points associated with the most comparable degree (justification required).

Degrees in any field of study awarded by accredited institutions may be counted. Certificates must be specific to GIS.

Points awarded:

Masters Degree or PhD                      25 points
Bachelors Degree                              20 points
Associates Degree                             10 points
GIS Certificate                                     5 points

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