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Next Testing Date: December 3 - 10, 2022

Deadline to Apply: Two weeks before exam opens

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The Exam & Portfolio are both required to obtain your GISP, but either can be started 1st and the other finished after.


  • REGISTRATION: The GISP Certification process can be started at any time in your career. Register on the GISCI Home Page to access the online Portfolio Application.
  • CERTIFICATION: At final GISP approval, applicants must:
    • Have 4 years equivalent full-time geospatial experience
    • Meet the Portfolio Requirements (minimum point requirements in Education, Experience, and Contributions)
    • Show a knowledge of GIS across a broad area by passing the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam
    • Complete all requirements within 6 years from date of Portfolio approval or passing the Exam
  • EXAM/PORTFOLIO REVIEW: GISCI offers the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam to individuals independent of the portfolio review process. Anyone can start the application process at any time via the Exam or the portfolio review.
  • RECERTIFICATON: Certification lasts three years, and recertification is required every additional three years. No GISP whose certification is in active status will be required to take the Exam for recertification.
  • All applicants at the time of initial application submission must complete all certification requirements within 6 years from either a Portfolio application approval or passing the Exam.


  • GISP Portfolio Review (Ethics, Education, Experience, Contributions): $100
  • GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Exam Fee: $250 in  North American location -  $ 300 for International location
  • Exam Application Fee (one-time):  $ 100
  • All new GISPs and all recertifying GISPs will be subject to an annual fee of $ 95/year, payable on the 1st anniversary of initial GISP Certification for new GISPs and continuing through the period of recertification.


  • If you are awarded a GISP Certification, you do not become a member of GISCI in the way that you belong to other geospatial or professional organizations. GISCI awards the GISP Certification to qualified individuals. However, all professionals approved for GISP Certification are eligible to receive a free one year membership with two of GISCI's Member Organizations: URISA and GITA.
  • Be advised that certification fees are not a charitable contribution. Whether it is deductible for an individual or a company depends upon one's individual situation. Consult a tax attorney for more information.
  • The GISCI application process demands sensitive information be included with the application portfolio. The GISCI Privacy Statement details how GISCI protects and uses personal information.