Additional Points


Supplemental Points

Supplemental points are those in excess of the minimums for each section, Education, Experience, Contributions.  The site automatically applies all surplus point in each category to the supplemental point category.

When the minimums in each of the three categories are achieved, the applicant must then accumulate 52 extra points from a surplus in any of the 3 achievement categories to earn their Portfolio Review acceptance. These supplemental points do not need to be tabulated in a separate area, as the web site will automatically calculate and apply these to your totals. 

In total, the minimum number of points needed must meet or exceed 150. An application can be submitted  online only when the 150 points, overall, as well as the minimums in each category have been met. If any points are deemed unusable or irrelevant and the total fails to meet 150 points, the applicant will be contacted for clarification. If the points are determined to be false or misrepresented, the application will be rejected, but only after conversations take place with the applicant

After all three components have been completed, the web application will total the points  from each section and show in the  Total Certification Points. If the final total does not exceed 150 points the 'Submit' button will not appear.   When the site has determined that all point requirements have been met, a blue Submit Application button will appear, and, at that point, the applicant can submit the portfolio for official review.

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