The Geographic Information Systems Professional® (GISP) Certification is awarded to individuals who have met professional and ethical standards within their discipline. GISPs have a unique set of verified skills that enhance the workforce.

  • Exceptional Performance: Candidates awarded the GISP credential demonstrate their mastery of the profession and bring that knowledge to the table at your organization.
  • Global Recognition: Grow your team with employees who hold a credential that is recognized as the worldwide standard for the GIS industry.
  • Raise The Bar: GISP credential holders are held to a code of ethics, required to network within the industry, and provided mentorship by experienced GISPs.
  • Marketing Cache for Your Organization: Many organizations highlight the number of GISPs they have on their team to underscore their experience, credibility and support their marketing efforts.


Resources for Employers

Verify GISP Status

Search the GISP Registry to identify individuals with the credential; if a GISP cannot be found please contact us at or 847-824-7768.

The GISCI is a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) participant in the O*NET Data Collection Program