Event/Group Submission Form

GISCI can estimate the number of GISCI points*** for your upcoming event. You should complete the form below. This should only be done for NEW events. GISCI will not list points for past events. It is helpful if you attempt to determine the points first. When information about your event is submitted, it should be accompanied by your point estimate.

Before you send a program, remember:

  • All conference days are worth 0.1 points per day. Therefore, a 3 day conference is worth 0.3 points.

  • There are no 1/2 points for 1/2 days. 0.1 is the lowest point value.

  • Conference workshops are worth X hours / 40 (set value). For example, an 8-hour pre-conference workshop is worth 8 / 40 = 0.2 education points.

  • A workshop attendee does NOT also earn 0.1 conference points for attending a workshop.

*** ALL POINT VALUES ARE ESTIMATES. The total number of points will be determined during the application review process.

Event/Group Information

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