Exam Testing Locations


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                        A completed Portfolio Application is not required to test.

Exams will be offered at PSI testing centers in a computer-based-format (CBT) twice each year in an expected 5-7 day testing window - summer and fall. 

The  exams in 2020 will be administered in early June, 2020 and early December, 2020. 

At this time, we expect 2021 will follow a similar examination period, with slight variances possible.

The information presented here will provide a first-level description of testing locations. 

Specific US/Canadian address locations can be found at the PSI site further down on this page.

Exam applicants will first apply to GISCI.  After payment, you will receive authorization to contact PSI for selecting a final test location and date.

International Exam applications will end 2 weeks before the first Exam date but scheduling as early as possible is advised.

North American Exam applications will be taken until 2 weeks prior to the first Exam date, but scheduling as early as possible is advised.

There are over 680 testing locations around the US & Canada and  over 600 more locations  in 87 countries worldwide, with additional locations constantly being added.  Each list is under constant revision, and PSI will make the final determination as to location availability. 

PSI Update Regarding Testing Center Closures Regarding Covid-2019:

PSI owned and operated test centers in the US will remail closed through April 30, 2020.  Sites will re-open, meeting social distancing requirements on Friday, May 1, 2020 and will be constantly revaluated after that.   Individuals who schedule and are unable to test will have their exam fees refunded or carried over to the December session.   Contact GISCI to make appropriate refund/carryover arrangements.

PSI continues to monitor the situation with Novel Corona virus (COVID-2019), and they will provide updates as warranted on this health emergency until it passes.  Multiple testing ceners have been closed to date, and a current list of closures can be found here:

Test Center Closures (Click here)


PSI Exam Center Protocols

See a list of exam center protocols and requirements in place at each testing center here:

PSI Testing Center Protocols


Explore authorized PSI Testing Center locations worldwide:

To examine current authorized PSI worldwide test center locations in more detail, go to the PSI Test Center Site, here:

Once there, click on Certification/Professional Associations and follow the prompts to select the GISCI Exam.

The info above and the map below only provide general reference to determine possible PSI testing locations.   For accurate, updated locations, please confirm with GISCI or with the PSI link, above;  testing locations are in a constant state of flux.  

Only at the time of scheduling, will you see the actual site availabilities at authorized facilities.  Exam slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and being an authorized site does not guarantee that an exam slot will be available to you during the exam window.