GISCI Announces Retired Designation Policy (GISP-R) for Retired GISPs
Created by: Tony Spicci on 01/20/22

GISCI Announces Retired Designation Policy (GISP-R)

Des Plaines, IL (January 19, 2022)

The GIS Certification Institute has created a new designation for Geospatial Professionals to remain a part of the GISP Community into their retirement. The newly created GISP Retired Designation (GISP-R) allows current GISPs to maintain their certification in a limited capacity. Upon retirement from the workforce and a paid position as a GIS Professional, current GISPs can apply for the GISP-R. This designation would not require adherence to the criteria for standard recertification and allow retired GIS Professionals to continue their involvement in the GIS Profession in a voluntary, un-paid capacity if they desire. This would include volunteer activities in the local community, academics, participation in conferences, participation in professional organizations, committee, or board positions (if un-paid) and articles in professional journals.

The GISP Retired Designation is not automatic, and candidates must apply for consideration. The Executive Director will review all applicants on a case-by-case basis by. Candidates for the GISP-R designation must have been an active GISP in good standing for a minimum of three consecutive recertification cycles (9 years) and must continue to abide by the same ethics of a GISP.

For more information please visit the GISP-R page The application is now open to interested GISPs.


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