GISP Mentoring Program

The GISCI Mentoring Program looks to link students and young professionals up with certified GIS professionals (GISPs). The mentoring relationship is meant to last for a minimum of 6-months. After that, the GISP will be eligible for one contribution point towards his or her recertification.

Ideally, both the mentor and mentee will reside in the same geographic area but this is not a requirement. If the relationship works best via email or the telephone, that is entirely acceptable. The information that GISPs will be able to offer, be it technical, ethical, or professional, will be invaluable to aspiring professionals as they move forward in their careers.

The mentee must be a student or young professional. Students are expected to provide a copy of their student identification card. Young professionals must summarize their recent job/educational history. The mentoring program is not for established practitioners looking to change jobs or develop sales contacts.

How to Select a Mentor:

  1. The mentee will search the manifest of GISPs by "Mentor." Leave the "Search Text:" field blank. This lists all the potential GISPs serving as mentors organized by geographic location.
  2. The mentee will complete our web form. The mentee will provide his or her own contact information and the name of the mentor(s) the mentee is interested in working with.
  3. GISCI will send the mentee's contact information to the potential mentor.
  4. The mentor will indicate his/her willingness or ability to help at that time. If he/she is able to assist, the mentor will contact the mentee directly.
  5. The mentor and mentee will communicate and engage in activities designed to strengthen the mentee's professional development.
  6. After 6-months, the GISP and mentee will evaluate the mentoring relationship and GISCI will award one contribution point to the GISP based on a positive evaluation.

If you are a student or young professional, please send us an email at   Please provide contact information and a short description of your need, so that we can try to find a suitable match for you. 

If you are a GISP, contact about participating. The program is only available to current GISPs.

Mentoring Resources

Mentoring Handbook 
Contains the following sections:

  • What to Look for in a Mentor
  • How to be an Effective Mentee
  • Getting Started on the GISCI Mentoring Program
  • How to be an Effective Mentor
  • How Long Should the Mentoring Connection Last

6-Month Final Evaluation
To be completed by the mentee. Completion of the form is necessary to award contribution points to the mentor for recertification