Student Internships remain an important way both to differentiate and enhance a student's resume and experience. 

USGS/GISCI  GIS Summer Intern Program

GISCI has entered into a partnership with USGS to help them select the best and brightest from the pool of geospatial student applicants.

The USGS has realized for some time, as has GISCI, that students who are actively engaged with professional associations, as well as academic excellence, show themselves to be a 'cut above' the average.   That differentiation also applies to students who attend conferences and  recognize that professional certification could be valuable to them at some point in the future.  It is that latter recognition, regarding the GISP, specifically, that the USGS has chosen to use as a part of their Intern and internal hiring program. 

The cooperative program works like this:

Students who have registered on the GISCI site and have started filling out a Portfolio Application (all for free) with us are eligible to have their names forwarded to the USGS in October to be considered for GIS Internship positions that will be created and filled in the following calendar year.

In late September, we send out an email to all GISCI-registered students who wish to be considered for a USGS Internship position the following year.   Students must opt-in to be considered, and this process of early consideration by the USGS does not mean the certainty of a position.

After a review of the student, with regard to the details of their GISCI profile and portfolio, academic excellence, and activities, those who the USGS finds the most desirable are invited to send an official application for those positions available. 

Students are encouraged to start the Portfolio application process and fill out the information to the fullest extent their career information allows.   I would also encourage any student to have started and maintain a LinkedIn profile, as this has become an important professional platform for recognition. 

GISCI takes no part in the evaluation process, other than to provide a platform for differentiation through the GISP application process, which can be started at any time in an individual's career.  All rules and requirements pertaining to USGS employment apply to this program.

Please direct GISP Portfolio Application questions to GISCI, and all questions regarding the Intern positions should go to USGS.

 For more information on this program, and more details of the possibilities, visit the USGS information page, here:

GIS Summer Intern Program