Next Testing Date June 1 - 9, 2024

Deadline to Apply Two Weeks Before The Session Starts.

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Click here for the June 2024 Exam Candidate Manual

The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge ExamR is a groundbreaking development in the geospatial profession, software-agnostic, based upon a job analysis from a four-year experience level, informed by the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, guided by the Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM), and centered upon the ten key knowledge areas shown elsewhere on these pages. It was developed by GISPs for the GISP Certification.

The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge ExamR measures a breadth of geospatial knowledge across the 10 Content Areas specified, not a depth of knowledge in any one area.

                                                                   A completed Portfolio Application is not required in order to test.

The Exam

  • Requires that you KNOW the GIS areas tested against and not just memorize terms to pass (you cannot test your way TO competence, but we can successfully test FOR competence in selected areas).
  • Measures proficiency in selected geospatial competencies, NOT proficiency in your job.
  • Is based on the 2019 Exam Blueprint.
  • Is written at a 4-year experience level and written by qualified GISPs, consulting with qualified psychometricians.
  • Can be taken whenever it is offered, regardless of the status of your Portfolio Application.
  • Is offered at proctored PSI testing locations around the world only in June & December.
  • The December Session will start on the first Saturday in Dec and run for 9 days; Registration for the December session will start in July.
  • The June Session will start on the first Saturday in June and run for 9 days; Scheduling for the June session will start in February.
  • Scheduled times and locations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; candidates are advised to apply early.
  • Is 4 hours in duration and contains 100 scored questions; average completion time is 3 hours.
  • Contains additional pre-test questions, up to 80, not scored, which will be evaluated for use as scored questions in the future.
  • Candidates will not be able to identify scored vs non-scored questions.
  • Information on these areas, is available here:   Exam Candidate Manual.
  • Passing is a scaled score 73.
  • Pass rates have reached above 60%.
  • Reporting is pass/fail only - you will not be provided with a final score.
  • Pass/Fail notice will go out, generally, within 4 weeks after the full exam session closes, after a full GISCI review and confirmation of results.  Candidates will be notified of delays if they arise.
  • Candidates failing, after initial notification, will receive a Performance Report covering each of the 10 Knowledge Categories to assist with study for re-testing.
  • Scheduling is done online through PSI Support in KS after authorization by GISCI; direct contact with a local testing center will not secure an exam slot.
  • Cancellation:  If you cannot attend your scheduled exam, due to extreme circumstances, you must contact at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. 
  • Failure to show for the exam without notification to GISCI Staff will result in forfeiture of the Exam Fees.
  • Important Notes:
    • Candidates may be allowed to roll exam fees over once with permission from the Executive Director. Rolling over of exam fees are reserved for candidates experiencing extreme circumstances.
    • All exam fees are non-refundable.
    • Failure to adequately prepare for the exam will not be a consideration for postponement (rollover of exam fees) of the exam.
    • Contact GISCI staff immediately at if you experience test center problems.  Early notification may allow for rescheduing during the current exam period.


We provide appropriate arrangements for individuals who demonstrate a documented need. A ccommodation for the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge ExamR will be granted upon the submission of proper documentation of disability. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all candidates and ensuring that individuals with disabilities can take the exam with the necessary support.

Please ensure that you submit your documentation in accordance with the guidelines outlined in our accommodation request process. Our goal is to make the exam accessible to everyone, and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at

Here is the process for submitting documentation for disability accommodations for the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge ExamR:

1. Initial Inquiry:  Candidates who require disability accommodation should start by contacting the GISCI well in advance of the exam date. This initial inquiry can typically be made through email or a designated contact form on the GISCI website.

2. Request Form:  The candidate will be provided with a request form specifically designed for accommodation requests. This form can be downloaded from the GISCI website or requested through email.

3. Complete the Request Form:  The candidate must complete the request form in full, providing personal information and details about the requested accommodations.  Candidates must submit this form before scheduling their exam as an existing scheduled exam will have to be canceled so that the accommodation can be put in place. 

4. Attach Supporting Documentation:  Along with the request form, candidates should attach supporting documentation that verifies their disability. This may include medical records, evaluations, or assessments conducted by qualified professionals. Ensure that the documentation clearly outlines the nature and extent of the disability.

5. Submission:  The completed request form and supporting documentation should be submitted to the designated contact or email address provided by the GISCI. Make sure to follow any specific submission instructions outlined in the request form.

6. Review Process:  The GISCI will review the accommodation request and supporting documentation. This review is typically conducted by a qualified team to ensure fairness and consistency.

7. Notification:  Candidates will be notified of the decision regarding their accommodation request. This notification is typically sent via email or postal mail and includes details about approved accommodations.

8. Exam Day:  On the day of the exam, candidates should arrive at the designated exam center, if applicable, and be prepared to present their approval documentation to the exam proctor.

9. Exam Accommodations:   During the exam, candidates will receive the approved accommodations as outlined in their notification. These accommodations may include extended time, a separate testing room, or other necessary support.

It's essential for candidates to initiate this process well in advance of the exam date to allow sufficient time for review and accommodations to be arranged. Additionally, candidates should maintain open communication with the GISCI throughout the process to address any questions or concerns.


  • GISP Portfolio Review (Ethics, Education, Experience, Contributions): $200
  • GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Exam Fees:
    • $ 250/exam/attempt for North American locations
    • $ 300/exam/attempt for an international location
  • All GISPs and all recertifying GISPs will be subject to an annual maintenance fee of $95/year, payable on the 1st anniversary of initial GISP Certification, or upon recertification approval.
  • Active GISPs looking to recertify do not have to take the Exam.
  • Please note a $20 processing fee will be applied to all refunds to cover the costs associtated with processing the refund.

Those whose certification has expired and have exceeded the one-year grace period will be required to pass the Exam to be reinstated.



  1. APPLY: Access via your log in credentials and submit exam application to GISCI
  2. CONFIRM: Receive email exam application confirmation
  3. PAY: Pay the Exam fees to GISCI (Either pay online at checkout, or request payment instructions via email)
  4. SCHEDULE: After payment confirmation, receive PSI email authorization confirmation, and select the Exam time & location with PSIOnline (our testing provider)