Recertification for Existing GISP Certification:

Recertification is now done entirely online, accessed through the log in procedure at the top, right hand part of the page. The historical, PDF process has been replicated online in a  a process much easier to begin and complete.

Instructions for accessing the online form and an updated procedures manual can be found at the bottom of this page and apply to those coming off the 5 year certification period, as well as newer GISPs renewing after the recently installed three year period.  You can start the process at any time, the info added will be saved and retained automatically, allowing you to add information as you complete training or activities.  The site will automatically track and total your points, showing you where you are in meeting recertification requirements.

Recertification: An Annual Maintenance Fee of $ 95/year for each year will be applied. (Effective July 1, 2015)   

This will be paid at the time of Recertification, either as

  1. $ 285 for the 3 year period - paid in one payment, or
  2. $   95 annually for each year of the three (3) year period.

 All GISPs upon recertification will be certified for a 3 year period.

All previously-certified GISP Professionals, certified on a 5 year certification period, will be converted to the 3 year period at the time of her/his Expiration Date, as a part of the recertification process.

The GISCI Board announced on February 16, 2015,  the long-anticipated changes to the GISP certification process that were decided during the first meeting of 2015.   These changes come about after a decade of unchanged certification and renewal fees, and affect both current and future GISP certification holders.  They were made in order to increase the value, recognition and long term viability of the GISP certification and the GISCI organization.

The 3 year certification period was changed to match the 3 year schedule of planned exam blueprint updating, and to provide a more realistic continuing review of an individual's having stayed current with the fast-changing technology of the GIS profession.   The overall consistency  of the first-time certification and recertification process is fundamental to the ability to accredit the overall GISP Certification, a future goal of GISCI.


Changes for Current GISP Professionals:

All professionals with an active GISP certification will recertify for a 3 year period at the time of their Expiration Date, and will pay an annual maintenance fee of $95 for each of the three years of the new recertification period.  

No active GISPs  will have to take the new Exam for recertification.  As long as you are in good standing and recertify within the one year grace period allowed, you will not be subject to the Exam.

A table summarizing changes is shown below:

GISP Status


Renewal Period

Current GISP completing recertification within grace period (no application fee or exam)


3 Years

Lapsed GISP not recertifying within grace period* (application fee + portfolio review + exam fee)


3 Years

*GISCI currently offers a 1 year grace period for recertification after expiration. Any GISP that fails to reinstate their credential within the grace period will be required to reapply for certification under the standards in place at the time of recertification.

Renewals are generally processed within 3-4 weeks of receipt;   New Certificates are mailed the month of expiration, after recertification.

The new certification and recertification process summary is shown in the following diagram:

You may renew online with our new submittal process if you have your existing GISP log in info:  if you do not have it, please contact us at to obtain that information.   

As the GIS Code of Ethics prescribes, the GIS Professional has an obligation to not only be qualified for the tasks accepted, but also to stay current in the field through readings and professional development.  In order to maintain currency in the GIS field, GIS Certified professionals will be renewed every three years. 

EXAM:  An exam has been created and added to the first-time Certification process as of the Fall of 2015, however the Exam is not required as a part of recertification. 

No GISP whose certification is in active status will be required to take the exam for recertification.

With regard to the educational activity required for renewal, GIS professionals will earn 1 Education point for each 6 professional development hours (i.e. contact hours). This equivalency means that points can also be obtained by means other than college-credit courses. Online and instructor-led courses, webinars, and other types of training are acceptable venues for continuing education credits.

In general, we expect that an active professional is capable of attaining a minimum of two Contributions points per year during the three-year renewal period.  Points are earned according to a table of activity values, provided in the renewal application and approved routes include membership in established professional organizations (local, state, regional, national or international), volunteer work, presentations at conferences, as provided in the first-time application, but at a higher rate of point accrual.

Work Experience also plays a part in your continued growth as a part of the profession. Although there is NO minimum requirement of points for work experience you are allowed to use it as part of your ability to achieve the number of points needed to obtain renewal certification. 6 points are awarded for each 12 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) work, up to 2 years credit for recertification.

The Board of Directors has established the minimum number of points needed to renew  a GISP® at 24 points.  Thus, all applicants for renewal must show a total of 24 achievement points over the previous three to five years, depending upon your current period of certification. To ensure that applicants have a broad foundation, specific minimums in each of the three achievement categories must be met or exceeded.  These minimums are as follows:

Educational (Course and Conference) Points (minimum required)
6 points
Contributions to the Profession Points (minimum required)
6 points
Work Experience Points - No minimum requirement (12 points available here)

Additional points to be earned from a combination of Education, Work Experience, and Contributions
12 points
24 points


The additional 12 points, beyond the Education & Contribution minimums, can be counted from any of the three categories.  The applicant has complete flexibility in deciding how to make up this difference.  

Please mail correspondence to: 
701 Lee St., Suite 680, Des Plaines, IL 60016

Or email as an attachment to: 


Download Renewal Application Materials:

The application for renewal, above,  is for current GISPs only.

If you are a prospective GISP, please visit the GISP Application page.